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A COVID-19 diary

My record of good fortune on the COVID front finally ran out on 17th December 2021.

Steph had a presumptive diagnosis way back in March 2020 (based on symptoms in those pre-test days), and it was assumed it would be impossible for me to avoid it, but it appears I did. I maintained that record for more than 18 months, and also had zero reaction to any of the three vaccinations.

I’m using this blog to record my experience of the infection. Please don’t expect entertaining writing: my exhaustion is mental as well as physical. Mostly I’m writing it as a warning against complacency on the COVID front …

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Booking an antibody test for COVID-19

COVID-19 blood test

One of the most fundamental things needed in any competent response to the coronavirus crisis is access to testing. We need to know who has the virus now, so they can self-isolate. That’s achieved with a swab test, which only works reliably while someone is infectious – which is typically for around five days.

But we also need to know who has had the virus and since recovered …

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The lockdown is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent London

Reinvent London.jpg

It feels wrong to begin any upbeat piece about the coronavirus crisis without first acknowledging the terrible tragedy of it. The lives cut short. The family and friends left grieving. The healthcare professionals working long hours in trying conditions without the support they deserve. Those who have lost their jobs or been left struggling financially.

But in any loss, there is also opportunity. An opportunity not to try to return to normal as quickly as possible, but to invent a new normal …

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Not a coronavirus diary …

Not my coronavirus diary.jpg

It feels like there will come a time when future generations will look back on this time and ask ‘What was it like?’. I feel like I should be keeping some kind of diary – and yet, in truth, I have little to say.

A front-line medic would. A doctor, a nurse, a paramedic, a care worker. Other key workers too; those so recently dismissed by the government as earning too little to justify their place in the UK: the shop workers, the delivery staff, the refuse collectors and all the millions of people needed to keep the country running …

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