Two Ladies

Two Ladies

Yes, I know. I have made very little progress in transferring the travel section of my website, and I’ve also been rubbish at keeping the theatre reviews up to date, so let’s begin filling in the blanks with Two Ladies …

This one is a little tough without spoilers, so I shall have to be vague.

Let’s start with the good news. The Bridge theatre is fantastic as ever. All seats are good seats, it’s a comfortable temperature and a great atmosphere. The set design was also excellent. (Rubbish wine, though!)

The acting was also superb, as you’d expect. Both leads were thoroughly engaging throughout.

In terms of the writing, most of the dialogue was good and there were a few excellent lines.

However …

The characters are very thinly-veiled versions of Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron.

I’m not a massive fan of these ‘obviously based on but not quite the actual person’ portrayals. Either have the courage to make it about the real people or don’t. It worked for me in Bitter Wheat because it was Harvey Weinstein in all but name, but these characters were just awkward hybrids.

And then there’s the plot. This was Just Silly.

I get that a one-act play set in one room needs story. It needs a beginning, middle and end. It can’t all be about simply going behind the scenes of the political world. But that is why people go to a play like this, so you can treat us like grown-ups.

This could easily have been about the two characters having an unexpectedly honest conversation and a character arc as a result. We didn’t need a frankly stupid plot device to entertain us.

Overall, then, 5/10. A bad play saved by great acting.

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