Light entertainment it is not! The play centres on whether or not what happened between two college students was rape. First the woman, then the college, and finally the man have to each reach their conclusions …

It’s a one-act play with just two characters on stage. The performance switches between present time and flashbacks, and between dialogue and narration to the audience. It’s an incredibly effective approach, and the way the two perspectives switch back and forth is beautifully done – there’s a poetic quality to one device in particular.

Both actors are superb. They are at times speaking to absent characters, and you emerge almost feeling like they’d been on stage too. Both convey tremendous depth of emotion, Yasmin Paige in particular. The conflicted desires she portrays are really the heart of the play.

The subject matter, the acting and the incredibly intimate setting of Trafalgar Studio 2 all combine to create a powerful and moving experience. But there’s enough humour that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

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